“The four speed wonder-winch”

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Alison 1Recently we were testing the Trimmer 40 on the water for the Practical Boat Owner review. We were lucky to have Alison Noice  on board, who is a Yachtmaster Examiner, author of several RYA course textbooks on sailing and seamanship, and a great sailing enthusiast with many years of yachting experience. Afterwards she wrote to us

“I just had to write and say how very impressed and amazed I was with the Pontos Trimmer. This 4-speed wonder winch was so easy to use that genoa sheets were tightened very quickly without the usual grunting and groaning from the crew.

Replacing existing winches with The Trimmer would transform life both for racing crews and for the husband and wife teams who are thinking that sailing is getting too physically demanding for them.

Well done Pontos!”