Press Reviews

The world’s yachting press are becoming aware of the remarkable qualities of Pontos winches.

We think it is fair to say that they like what they see!


Read Sail Republic‘s December 2014 review here

Read Toby Hodges’ January 2015 review in Yachting World here

Read Graham Snook’s May 2015 review in Sail Magazine here

Read David Harding’s September 2015 comprehensive review in Practical Boat Owner here

Graham Snook has also written a very good review in the August 2015 edition of Yachting Monthly. you can read it  here

Sail World in Australia have also reviewed Pontos winches. You can access it here. Sometimes the link doesn’t work too well, but it is worth a read if you can get to it.

2016. After the flurry of positive press reviews after the launch of Pontos, there has understandably been less mention of Pontos in the yachting press in 2016. They can only do a “new product” review once.

However in  July Yachting Monthly published Jonty Pearce’s “Tried and tested” review after he had owned his Trimmer 40 winches for some months. YM haven’t put this on the web, as far as I can see, but Jonty sent me his article which you can read here . We were pleased that the Trimmer winches were given a 10/10 rating

Graham Snook also reviewed his Pontos Compact winches in Yachting Monthly’s August edition, also in their “Tried and Tested” section. You can read his review here