Testimonial from Finland-using a Trimmer 40

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Simo  Brummer, who sails in Finland, has just installed a Trimmer 40 on his Jeanneau Gin Fizz. Totally unsolicited he decided to install only 1 of his winches in order to do a comparison with his Lewmar 44.3. This is his testimonial…


I have replaced the starboard Lewmar 44.3 by a TRIMMER 40 and have been able to do a comparative test in 15 knots of wind. The fight against the tyrant, the genoa sheet , is over. The top gear power of 112 is not at all superfluous and guarantees the ability to bring in the sail in a civilised way whatever the conditions.

My boat is moored on the pontoon reserved for the larger yachts ,that is to say those from 36 – 44 feet and I was able to talk with my fellow sailors whilst I was doing the installation. I explained to them that I was no longer able to grind in the genoa properly and that the biggest conventional winch that I could have installed was probably a size 50 and it would not have made any real difference. Many of them told me that they too face the same problem but they have solved it by using a jib instead of a genoa. Obviously that solution works but what a shame to sacrifice the light air performance of the boat by doing that.

I don’t think that going electric is the right solution. If the boat was not designed up front to use electric winches the implementation will be awkward inelegant and very expensive.

One of the peculiarities of the Gin Fizz cockpit is the ability to operate the winches from a standing position and thereby use both hands. That means that I can often do the job in second gear (40). However, to truly flatten the genoa I have to move into top gear (112). The ratio 112/40 between the top gear and the pump gear is well chosen. I have noticed the reduction in friction and therefore the improvement in performance.

I feel justified in concluding that the era of the 2 speed winch is over and that it is only with extra gears that a family crew can operate properly a boat over 30 feet.

I have a few more modifications to make to my installations before filming a comparison between the Trimmer 4O and the Lewmar 44.3 but I can’t wait to get rid of my port Lewmar.”