Testimonial from Canada – C&C 115

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Mike Kern races a C&C115 on Lake Ontario. He fitted both Grinders and Trimmers to his boat:

“We completed the Susan Hood Trophy a Race yesterday and placed second in our division – double handed spinnaker. The race was 75-miles in winds ranging from 0 to 25 knots.

Our new Pontos winches performed beautifully. The Grinder 40 makes launching and gybing asymmetrical spinnakers far easier – it’s like having an extra person aboard. The Grinder 46 was perfect for high speed adjustment of the mainsail, especially during gybes. The power of the Trimmer 46 was invaluable when reaching with our masthead A-Sail with the wind at 20-knots.

The winches also look great. A lot of people visited our boat before the race to look at the winches – the design, branding, and matte black finish are very appealing.

We are incredibly happy with our decision to replace all our Harken winches with Pontos.”

May 2015