Sad news from Pontos in France

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We are sorry to report that Pontos in France ceased trading last week.

Although the range of winches proved both popular and durable, the company were unable to sustain the level of borrowing necessary to bring the products to market, and had negotiated a merger with a large French company. Unfortunately this deal collapsed without warning last week, giving Pontos no other option but to declare bankruptcy.

We have been told that the liquidator will be selling the assets of the company including the patents, designs and tooling, and we understand that interest has already been expressed by several potential purchasers. There is therefore a good chance that 4 speed winches will be back in production next year.

Although Pontos have ceased trading, there is still some availability of winches held by distributors across the globe, including ourselves, although we would not be able to guarantee availability of spares, nor would there be a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Pontos UK was set up to distribute and market Pontos products in the UK, so our own future is very uncertain. We will wait until the likely outcome of the liquidation is known before making any decisions, and we will maintain this website in order to continue to offer information about the products.

In the meantime if any of our customers have any queries or need advice on their winches, please call us and we will do what we can to help.

If we receive any more news we will let you know.

Graham Davies                            Pete Trew

Pontos UK