Trimmer 4 Speed Winch

Extra Power For Ease of Use

Pontos Trimmer has two additional low ratio gears which take the hard work out of handling and trimming sails.

The Trimmer is used at first in exactly the same way as a conventional 2-speed winch:- start winching in the highest gear, then reverse the rotation of the winch-handle to engage the lower gear. Keep going until the sail is trimmed, but getting in the last few inches of a genoa sheet can end up as a real struggle. However, if you are using a Trimmer, at this point the  Pontos patented clutch mechanism engages.  Changing the rotation of the winch handle again  automatically brings the two lowest ratios into use. This enables you to deal with heavy sheetloads with far less effort than is possible with conventional two-speed winches. Often, final trimming can be completed just using your fingertips. Sail trimming in a firm breeze is no longer restricted to the strongest on board, and during a passage crew fatigue is greatly reduced.

Many yacht owners are eventually  faced with the fact that their yacht’s sheet and halyard loads are exceeding the crew’s capacity to winch. Until now there have been three main options: only sail when there is a stronger, often younger crew available; fit expensive electric winches, with all the associated cabling, switching and battery capacity issues; or sell the boat and buy another which is within the crew’s capability. The PONTOS Trimmer now provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative which is also easy to instal.

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