An Introduction to Pontos Winches

Pontos have developed a range of extraordinary innovative winches, each with additional speed or power, which will  benefit all types of sailors.

Grinder 4 Speed Winch

Racing sailors will be amazed by the advantage that a 4 speed Grinder  provides, tack after tack. There is longer any need to have two crew members off the rail, working together to tail the sheet and trim the sail. Tacking is simpler and faster.  With a Grinder, the sheet stays in the jaws of the self tailer from start to finish, with only one crew member needed  to winch in and trim the sail. Result – valuable seconds saved on every tack, more weight on the rail, and greater speed out of the tack.

Whether used for tacking, furling / hoisting sails, gybing spinnakers, or sailing shorthanded, the ease and additional speed of Grinder winches lifts the performance of an already good racing boat to the next level.

Trimmer 4 Speed Winch

The Trimmer is ideally suited to cruising boats where the raising or setting of sails has started to become a chore. When the winching gets tough, the Trimmer  automatically brings its two additional low-ratio gears into play. Suddenly, you are no longer straining your arms and back, and the sheet can be easily wound in by those crew members  who would normally avoid handling a winch handle at all costs!  The Trimmer brings a lot more pleasure to sailing, and offers an simpler, much lower-cost alternative for those considering electric winches.

Compact 2 Speed Winch

The  remarkable  Compact winch provides much more power than conventionally designed  winches with a similar footprint .  A two speed winch, the first gear of the Compact allows faster line retrieval, while the second gear provides pulling power never seen before in a winch of this size. Ideally suited to smaller boats, this tough little winch will find a range of applications on larger yachts as well.