Pontos Trimmers on Moody 336

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Ron Walker recently fitted Pontos Trimmers 40s to his Moody 336. He cruises and races the boat, and has found that the Trimmer winches have not only made cruising easier, but also they have improved their racing performance. Read Ron’s email below:

“We have installed the winches and have now had a chance to try them out on the water. They are a dream compared to our previous struggles to wind the Genoa fully home when sailing close hauled in anything but light airs. We had resorted to the helm luffing up after tacking in order to assist the crewperson winching in the Genoa, and on very short tacks had even given up on winching it fully home. Now, however, we can easily winch the Genoa fully home (even using one hand!) and from inside the cockpit instead of standing astride directly over the winch. There is now no need to luff up after a tack, just steer the yacht for maximum acceleration out of a tack while the Genoa is easily winched fully home.

Photographs of the installed winches attached. We decided to replace the non self-tailing spinnaker winches with the old self-tailing sheet winches and now find the self-tailing facility in this position very useful.”
Pontos 40 Winches 1Pontos 40 Winches 2