Pontos Compact on an International 6m

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A Pontos Compact winch was fitted as a halyard winch to an International 6m, sailing at the World championships at La Trinite-sur-mer. The combination of the fast line retrieval in gear 1 and a power ratio of 45 in gear 2 made a significant difference to the boat’s performance, as told by Sam Pearson, the Race Boat Broker for Ancasta who was a member of the 6m crew. When asked how the Pontos had performed he replied,

“In short…..it was bloody great. The 6m, although relatively small,carry a lot of weight and very large sail areas particularly upwind and so pretty much every fitting is loaded up most of the time. With the old Lewmar we were always struggling to achieve the correct jib halyard tensions as it was so hard to fine tune the tensions with a winch that has bigger gearing.
With the Pontos winch these problems disappeared and in fact we found ourselves being much more proactive on trimming the halyard for the varying pressures because of our ability to move the halyard by only a few mm.

The fact we had the big gear also dramatically helped with jib and spinnaker hoists and really aided boat handling all round.”