Yacht winches deal with heavy loads and need to be properly installed.  We recommend that you have your new Pontos winches fitted  by a competent professional. If you are purchasing your winches through a local Pontos Partner Retailer or Reseller, they should be able to direct you to the right person or company.

Pontos Grinder and Trimmer winches have a slightly greater diameter  than the typical winches they replace. It is important to check whether there are any raised deck mouldings near the winch site that may interfere with the fitting of a Pontos.  Check the dimensions of Pontos winches here

Pontos Grinder and Trimmer winches have the same hole pattern as Harken Radial winches manufactured after 2007. If the Pontos winches do not fit the existing holes in your deck , then it may be necessary to repair them before drilling and fitting the new winches. Alternatively adapter plates could be professionally  manufactured locally  to utilise the existing through-deck bolt holes. Again, you should take professional advice about the particular circumstances of your installation.

Find drilling templates for the Pontos range here