“Dream Pearl of St Malo”wins again! Overall IRC Group 1 RTIR 2015

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PONTOS Grinder 4-speed winches assisted “Dream Pearl of St Malo” a JPK 10.80 to become a comfortable Overall winner in the highly competitive IRC Group 1 in the 2015 Round the Island Race.

Winning by 04:08 minutes on corrected time, “Dream Pearl of St Malo” showed all the rest of Group 1 the way round the Island. Congratulations to all the crew for a fantastic performance.

Faultless tacking and good speed out of each tack is always critical to success in the RTIR, especially when, as in IRC2 winners 2015 use Pontos Winchesthis year,  the congested first leg to the Needles is to windward.

Read what Eric Mordret, “Dream Pearl’s” skipper, had to say about the improvements that PONTOS Grinder winches have made to the performance of his boat and crew.

« Pontos 4 Speed Grinder winches are a  huge step forward in terms of both simplicity and performance. Simplicity, because we no longer need to handle the sheets and performance, because the whole manouevre and passage of the foresail is much more fluid than with a conventional 2 speed winch. The whole operation is perfectly smooth and the sail doesn’t flap or snag anymore.

Because everything is done on the winch there are no more flailing arms in the cockpit which facilitates the movement of the crew from one side to the other when tacking. In addition the synchronization between the helmsman and the trimmer is hugely simplified. Before Pontos, the whole process was performed in “emergency mode” with lots of room for mistakes. Now everything is pretty straightforward.

With a full crew because there is only one man on the winch that means one more is available to get up  on the rail so there is less heel and you come faster out of the tack.

When sailing shorthanded the advantages are even more obvious. It’s better, more efficient and a lot faster. Just a few turns of the winch handle and the job’s done. For solo and double handed sailing it’s superb.

I had opportunity to return to using a traditional 2 speed winch and frankly it’s really frustrating after you‘ve had the chance to try a Pontos. It feels like taking a step back in time to the days of sailing ships.

I’ll never go back to 2 speed winches»