Become a Pontos Retailer or Re-seller

Pontos winches are high quality premium products, which are set to transform the replacement winch market in the UK and across Europe.

Until now this market has been relatively limited. Winches are generally robust and long lasting and, unless replaced with electric winches, like-for-like replacement results in only modest gains in winching performance. As a result, most sailors only choose to replace winches when they have to – when winches become worn, damaged or stolen. If winching becomes too difficult, some owners will change their boat for something more manageable.

Pontos winches bring a step-change to winch design, which is clearly reflected in the users’ experience. Rather than being a like-for-like replacement, Pontos winches are a genuine upgrade, bringing a whole new level of performance and ease of use. A yacht owner who replaces a conventional 2 speed winch with an equivalent sized Grinder or Trimmer will immediately see major benefits from their purchase. We therefore anticipate major and growing  markets for Pontos winches in the UK,  in both the racing and cruising communities

Racing: It is rare that any new design in deck hardware offers such a significant performance advantage as the Pontos Grinder. The Grinder winches simplify and streamline manoeuvres, transforming tacking and deliver real advantages in sail handling on competitive racing boats, whether short-handed or fully-crewed. We feel that increasing numbers of serious race boats will move over to Pontos winches in the next two years.

Cruising: The Trimmer and Compact winches will be popular upgrades on many cruising boats, especially amongst sailors who find the physical demands of sailing increasingly difficult, but have no wish to give up their boat. A pair of Trimmers is a much cheaper and simpler alternative to electric winches, and can enable many more members of a family to directly participate in the sailing of the boat.

Become a Pontos Partner Re-seller:

  • Feature Pontos on your website with a link to Pontos UK website
  • Display Pontos marketing materials in your shop / showroom and be able to directly or indirectly  demonstrate the products
  • Provide advice about Pontos products to customers
  • Either provide or direct customers to a local competent fitting service
  • Hold an agreed number of winches in stock
  • Promote Pontos products through your social media and at local and national events

In return we will

  • Offer you a stockist level of discount on Pontos products
  • Name your business as a Pontos retailer on the Pontos UK and the French Pontos website.
  • Direct to you local sales enquiries received through our website
  • Keep you informed of any product developments and launches
  • Support your sales through our national marketing activities of Pontos products

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